Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the beauty of {pure vintage}

The softer side of vintage is ~ pure. For some of the most innovative designs in home decor, you must see Oly. From Organic to Modern to Glam to Vintage, these Bay Area designers, Kate McIntyre & Brad Huntzinger, blend clean lines with antique motifs in the most unusual of ways.

The Elisabeth Armoire is the perfect parlor piece for pure serenity: the double-helix lattice contrasts delicately with the mirror surface & brings in a touch of glam. With an antique finish, a raffia back and herringbone cushion, the Hanna Sofa is the perfect size settee' for any boudoir. {top lifestyle photo by anna kern photography}

Also from Oly and featured at one of Chicago's own boutique retailers, comes the Pagoda Chandelier from Jayson Home & Garden {photo by JHG}. This is a definite must see urban lifestyle retailer, so stop by when you're in the city or visit

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  1. I really love the pure vintage lifestyle of these. Amazing Pics + amazing furniture. Thanks for a great read.

  2. the serenity of {all white} vintage appeals to me tremendously...i love the peacefulness and the beauty that is created by different shades of white/cream, and various textures...these photos are gorgeous.


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