Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Duo of LifeStyle: urban organic + urban Loft

Back to Basics with Urban Loft + Organic living. Of course, any lifestyle can have organic & sustainable elements and manufacturers, but I do try to weed out the true-green from the green-washers. The good news, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. So support the independents who are making a difference, who are on the road to change, and who have passion for sustainable design. {lifestyle photo: courtesy of ny times home & garden}.

A different side of Ligne Roset is ~ Urban. With clean lines and solid wood, comes Eaton: a perfect urban loft dining table fit for any open space. It comes with a special oil treated, matte finish in Walnut, Natural Maple Ebony Oak, or Cherry Oak and is also available in 9 different lengths to fit even the most grand of dwellings. {visit: www.ligne-roset-usa.com}.

The Platform Bed from the innovative LAX Series by Mash Studios, utilizes the sleek clean lines of English Walnut to create simple beauty. Founded in 2002 by Bernard Brucha, this team of highly skilled designers, engineers and architects work together to execute environments that are both conceptually interesting and structurally precise. For more modern + urban innovative home furnishings, visit Velocity: Your Home for Modern Living at www.velocityartanddesign.com.

The Brooklyn Boys are Back. Uhuru: the über cool of urban organic. Founded in 2004 by Bill Hilgendorf and Jason Horvath, this is one of the most unique small design + build furniture companies on the planet. These guys know their wood slabs and are truly devoted to sustainability issues.
"For us sustainability is about choosing materials with the least amount of environmental impact, whether it is what they are made of, how they are produced or where they come from, and using them in a way where little to no waste is created."
The Bilge Lounge Chair is crafted by using reclaimed bourbon barrel staves from Kentucky and used truck springs. This chair is ~ true green.

Another organic find from Uhuru's Küpe line, is the Stave Bench {above}, which is constructed from reclaimed bourbon barrel staves and black steel. By utilizing functional design, while retaining the individual characteristics and natural colors of the aged wood from the original barrels, the team at Uhuru easily create a new vernacular in craftsmanship. Check out this eco-friendly bunch at www.uhurudesign.com.

One more of my favorite, NY build + design furniture companies, is John Houshmand: the grand-daddy of all things Urban Organic. His philosophy for this industry is refreshing, not to mention, his profound thoughts on trees:
"Trees are the guardians of everything sacrosanct. They hold secrets of the past and relinquish everything necessary to sustain the future. We allow trees to do the talking. We simply listen."
This 96" long organic console pictured above by John Houshmand is a great anchor piece for any loft. Made from old growth heart pine beams and a steel frame, this piece signifies the urban industrial ideal. Each piece is individually handcrafted ~ they love crumbling bark & wormholes.

The 2-fold Spalted Maple Table is just one of his low-profile coffee tables and with its unique scale, it fits any urban loft's sensibilities. The homogeneity of the wood varies with each piece, leaving you with a one-of-a-kind piece of organic art. If you have not done so already, you have to check out his amazing website at www.johnhoushmand.com.

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  1. I love the interior design and I was amazed by it. The design was simple but beautiful, because of the material used it gives a unique outcome design that surely people love.

  2. The top photo looks like an awesome space.

  3. Thank you for this. I am trying to remake my place in the furniture business, and this is one step along that evolution. I will watch and listen, and hopefully learn.

  4. This space, in a word, is brilliant. I love the living area and the the bedroom (especially the Mash Studios platform bed) just rock. In fact every photo just oozes class and subtle charm. I will be linking this post from my site because my readers would really appreciate this space(if you don't mind of course) and I'm glad I found this blog. You really have an eye for the "cool" in design. kudos!

  5. I absolutely love the clear break between the natural - the wood in the floor and the timber roof - and the sterile, clean, white kitchen. The only thing that could ruin that space would be the view ;)

    Great post!

    - Chris

  6. I love Uhuru Design works...wish to work with them someday :-)

    Agus Prayitno

  7. the platform bed is in laminated wood, right?

  8. Ah Uhuru is one of my absolute faves... the guys are so nice, too.

  9. Great article and very cool design!

  10. The urban glam bed is fantastic. I love that HOT pink against the white walls. And the tufting in the headboard softens the hard edges in that room! Love it!

  11. Love the Uhuru chair. Do you happen to know the retail price? Great post!


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