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The Urban Natural LifeStyle + The Eco-Sleep Sanctuary with Natura

young woman lying in grass{ Just Be Natural: The Beauty of Natura }

Organic, Green, Eco-Friendly: it all comes down to natural living and what better place to start than creating an Eco-Sleep Sanctuary with one of the most innovative, pioneers in organic and latex mattresses: Natura: where nature meets nurture.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" ~ Ghandi.

Who is Natura?
This is not a mattress company ~ it's a Lifestyle Company. They climb rocks. They love their pets and love challenges. They are a family owned company who know the importance of relationships and they give back to the greater good. They play fair and surround themselves with a knowledgeable support team and they constantly evolve ~ all to make our lives better by giving us the beauty of a pure & natural, restorative sleep.

How they cultivate a healthier Body, Soul and World:
"While other manufacturers' products may help you get a good night's sleep, Natura takes things one step further. We breathe life into sleep with products that take you to a place beyond the daily grind. Our products help you reach the deep stage of sleep where the body is properly repaired so that you can experience a clearer mind, greater energy, a more radiant appearance, and a positive attitude to help you succeed throughout the day."

The Definition of Green?
Today, consumers need to understand the "Shades of Green" in terms of organic goods and sustainability in order to make informed choices before purchasing home interior goods and bedding. So with the Eco-movement craze, I asked Julia Rosien, the Communications Director for Natura, "What does it really mean to be Green?"
"Natura has been taking eco-responsibility for 15 years. We’re a family-owned business focused on sleep systems with environmental integrity. Not only do we promote green, natural and organic philosophies, we live them. While manufacturing seems to have made a mass exodus overseas, Natura stands firm in the belief that you can’t beat the quality of North American made goods."
Natura’s Organic Collection:
"Is processed in accordance with the highest standards, working in harmony with nature - not against it. Made from high quality resources that are both renewable and recyclable, our organic line is produced with careful consideration to animal welfare and environmental sustainability. For every 4 lbs. of organically grown wool used by Natura, one acre of land is saved from pesticides and toxins".

{ Natura Wool }

Be Organic. Be Natural. Be Smart.
While I'm not really sure what Natura Smart Wool is ~ I only know it does crazy-good things for you while you sleep. The Beauty and Technology of Natura Wool: balances body temperature for personalized comfort, steadies the heart rate which leads to a reduction in tossing & turning, eliminates moisture build up by wicking away excess humidity, and it's Hypoallergenic: naturally deters allergens & bacterial growth. One more good thing about wool, it's antimicrobial, which means dust mites and bed bugs are naturally repelled and cannot survive.

My Bed: Pure + Natural with the All Natural Comforter with Natura Wool and the fabulous & fluffy Wool Mattress Pad with a 100% pure wool surface. It's like I sleep in this wool envelope of pure organic goodness and yes, I toss less, sleep more soundly, and I just feel better.

{ for the love of the perfect pillow }
My pick for the pure + natural lifestyle: the Dream Mate with organic cotton cover, organic Natura Grow Wool lining and resilient Talalay Latex. "Yes, I've never loved a pillow before...until now." ~S.R.

Natura Gives Back

"We've committed to healthy people and a healthy planet, creating products with more health benefits than any other brand in our industry. We believe we have a responsibility to our employees, our suppliers and our customers ~ as well as to the greater good of our planet. We are happy to donate 10% of our profits to many exciting projects and organizations that have a positive social and environmental impact." ~ The Natura Family.

The Natura Natural Sleep Solutions:
Come live the true Urban Natural Lifestyle, find your Perfect + Pure Sleep Sanctuary, and learn how to "Sleep Well for Life" at Natura World. Other Natura Sleep Solutions include: Natura Organic Collection, Naturlatex All Latex, Natura Pedic Memory Foam, Naturaflex Adjustable Sleep System, Natura PSI Air Sleep Systems, Natura Dual Slat System, and Baby Natura + Natura Kidz.

Note: to learn more about Natura, the company + their products, you can also visit their blog at and check out "Re. Groove. N.8" at and learn how you can share your own Natura story.

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  1. I will check it out and thanks for the information, it sounds like an incredible company. I have bought so many pillows lately and not one that is really what I was looking for. Ah! to have the perfect pillow!

  2. Hi Susan,
    just found your blog via twitter. Like very much what I see here.
    Greetings from Munich,

  3. Another great company to check out that has great wool products, such as their merino wool mattress pad is SnuggleWool.

  4. Sounds like a really cool company. I'd love to check out their products.

  5. Hi Susan,

    Looks like a wonderful company. I love to find companies that use natural and organic materials. Note about a simpler time: my dad (87) grew up on a small farm in NC and slept his intire growing up years on a cotton tick mattress filled with-yes-feathers and down. No chemicals added for flame retardance, no tag to warn against government intervention if it was removed. They were handmade by my sweet gran who also lived to be a wonderful and healthy 87. Couldn't help but think how she would have probably also loved this company. Hope you are having a wonderful week-end!

    Char from WV

  6. I think I will feel like the princess and the pea if I sleep in those beauties.

  7. looks like a wonderful company -need to chck out that mattress- thanks

  8. Great information! thanks for sharing. cheers, -susan

  9. Beautifuly expressed article, i really enjoyed my stay on this plus wonderful website


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